Sex Back In Sex Life

Let’s talk about sex… One of the goals of my before I’m 35 plan is to enhance my sex life. When my husband and I were dating we were all over each other, everyday. And now? He still is all over me or at least he tries to be. Let’s face it, even after ten years of each other, eight of them as husband and wife, he is still as horny as ever.

So what is wrong with me? I still find the man hot! But it seems like the more he wants to the more I don’t feel into it. The less he wants to, which is rare, the more I want to. Why can’t I sync up to him anymore? Is it not adventures enough? Is not emotional enough? Should I be approaching it Sex And The City style, like a guy?

I think it’s time to find out what needs to be done. For the next month, every time the SO wants sex I’ll go for it and every time I want sex I’ll go for it. It’s time to try different things and ways and just “feel it”. Bring the sexy back to sex life. I wonder what Cosmo’s position of the month is this month.


Be The Queen

My six year daughter told me that she was my princess and after agreeing with her she told me that she was going to be a princess forever, um no.

I want my daughter to grow up to be a Queen. Queens are in charge of their own lives, they do not need to be taken care of like Princesses do. They command attention because of their confidence and intelligence not because they are childishly demanding it. They are women not girls. They are the Cleopatra’s and Elizabeth I’s of the modern day.

As I thought this I asked myself, “Am I the Queen of my own life?” and in answer I thought no. I was ambitious for sure, I’m a nurse who is back at school for accounting and business administration because I wanted to start my own business. But other then that? I had a whole list of things that I wanted to do and places that I wanted to see when I was in my twenties and now? I’m 32 years olds and most of it is undone but it was still a list I wanted to complete. I didn’t dress the way I wanted, act the way I wanted. I lacked the confidence I use to have in myself and It was time to change that.

It was time that I took my own advice and really think about where I want to be by the time I’m 35. I think I’ll do that now.

What Would Cleopatra Do?

I recently turned 32 years old but I still look like I’m in my late twenties so I never correct people when they assume I am. I’m not ready to be in my 30’s, I thought my life would be different by this age.

I thought I would have a well-established amazing career but I’m a stay at home mom and have been for the last three years. Don’t get me wrong, I love staying home with my children but I thought I would be living a more sophisticated life by this age, no more flavored Smirnoff and romaine noodles but steak and Champagne…

So recently I started to think about where I should go from here and the first thing that came was, what Cleopatra would do. Yes, Cleopatra! But not mythical evil temptress Cleopatra but the real Cleopatra. The smart, sophisticated, confident Queen that I have been in love with since my obsession with ancient Egypt started at the age of 3.

So I have decided to start asking myself, “What would Cleopatra do?” It’s time to come up with a plan, where do I want to be by the time I’m 35? It’s time to start The Cleopatra Project.

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